Day of Review of Apportionment

FALL 2020


Big Marsh (#8041) Notice Map Augusta Township 615 $20,000.00 $25.00 Sept 9
Branch of JJ Knapp (#8048) Notice Map Bridgewater Township; Freedom Township 18 $5,000.00 $212.00 Sept 9
East Branch Superior #1 (#8108) Notice Map Superior Township 10 $1,000.00 $92.00 Sept 9
Lambie Tile (#8167) Notice Map Superior Township 8 $7,000.00 $745.00 Sept 9
Lapham Lake Estates (#8411) Notice Map Salem Township 9 $2,600.00 $171.00 Sept 9
Oakland Estates Sub (#8230) Notice Map Ypsilanti Township 231 $15,000.00 $25.00 Sept 9
Recreation Park Sub (#8260) Notice Map City of Ypsilanti; Ypsilanti Township 237 $7,500.00 $15.00 Sept 9

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What is a Day of Review?

Several times a year, the Office of the Water Resources Commissioner holds Days of Review (DOR) of Apportionments and/or District Boundaries for selected County Drainage Districts.  A DOR is an opportunity for the public to review the apportionments (or percent of total) levied onto individual parcels within the District.

Some reasons to hold a DOR include:

  • District hasn't been assessed for drain maintenance costs in over 10 years.
  • District has never been assessed (typically for newer developments)
  • Drain construction project within District; DOR prior to a multi-year debt roll commitment
  • District boundary has been updated
  1. Apportionment
  2. District Boundaries
  3. Appeal

Apportionments are determined in the following way:

At-Large (Municipalities' Apportionments)

  • Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for benefit to state highways and state-owned railways, based on Michigan Public Act 51, as amended, a part of Michigan Transportation Law.  This uses acreage and predetermined coefficients per surface type (pavement, gravel, sidewalks, grassy/other) 
  • Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC), for benefit to county roads, same as MDOT 
  • City/Village Streets (same as MDOT)
  • Townships and Cities, based on development ratio of District
  • Railroads
  • Each of these percentages is subtracted from the total, which leaves the overall percentage to levy on privately owned parcels

Property Owners' Apportionments

  • Acreage of the parcel within the District; common area acreage within developments is spread evenly amongst the parcels within that development.
  • Property class of parcel is used as a proxy for land use and a coefficient is applied.  We use these property class divisions:
    • Agricultural
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Exempt applies to government parcels currently in public use (examples include parks, public schools, municipality city and township halls; DNR properties); cemeteries, authorities
    • Parcels that are exempt from property taxes are NOT exempt from special assessments (churches, private schools, non-profit organizations)

Proceedings conducted at these public meetings are subject to the provisions of the Michigan Open Meetings Act.

Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the meeting should contact Washtenaw County Human Resources, 734-222-6800, TDD # 734-994-1733, P.O. Box 8645, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107-8645 at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting to request mobility, visual, hearing or other assistance.