14A-4 Probation Department

14A-4 District Court Probation office is located at 1000 N. Maple Rd. Saline, MI  48179.

The office can be reached at 734-475-0709.  The fax number is 734-475-8479.

Complete Probation Monthly Report Online

Monthly Reports and Supporting Documents should be emailed to BOTH:

Probation Agent: Megan Wild

Probation Coordinator: Sandi Jaco

Reports are to be scanned and emailed, we do not allow pictures of documents as they do not print correctly.

Reporting Schedule :

All Reporting is currently being conducted online. Please follow the link to the 

Monthly Probation Report.  

On occasion, our online forms may run into technical issues overnight. 

If this occurs, please try again after 8:30 AM.

14A-4 Probation Department Additional Information