The following links will facilitate access to documents cited in the footnotes section of the County Administrator's Draft Recommendations on Public Safety:

2. Full Budget for Washtenaw County

3. Uniform Crime Report (UCR) -from the official website of the State of Michigan, under search term UCR

6, 18, 22. Full Report of the Jail Overcrowding Task Force (DOC)

7. Full Report of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Local Assessment of Washtenaw County (DOC)

10. Minutes from CJCC Full Council Meeting: June 18, 2004

11. Assessment Center (PDF) - Summary of the Assessment Center Process

12. Jail Overcrowding Act:

  • Section 801.51 Definitions
  • Section 801.60 Listing of crimes and offenses; development
  • Section 801.51 Transfer of powers and duties of former office of criminal justice under the county jail overcrowding act from department of management and budget to office of attorney general by a type II transfer

16. Community Corrections Grant (under construction)

17. Additional NIC Information on Probation Residential Centers

19. UM Probation Residential Center Report (DOC) - Report authored by graduate students from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan for the Washtenaw County Office of Community Corrections (Fall 2003)

20. Community Corrections Website

24. Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program (K-PEP) - An example of best practice

25. Michigan Mental Health Code

26. Diversion Agreement (PDF)

27. Mental Health Diversion Committee Documents

28. Memphis Model - More information can be found on NAMI's website under the search term "Memphis"