31-Day Challenge

31-Day Challenge

About the 31-Day "We Rise Up" Challenge
July 1-31, 2022

In honor of National Parks & Recreation Month, Washtenaw County Parks challenges residents & non-residents of Washtenaw County to get outside for 31 minutes every day, for 31 days, during the month of July.

Participants of the Washtenaw County Parks 31-Day "We Rise Up" Challenge can submit their photos all month long to be entered to win prizes throughout the competition! Participate in all 31 days and you could be entered to win a grand prize!

How to submit your photos? Email your photos to [email protected] or tag us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag, #washtenawcountyparks, or DM your picture to the Washtenaw County Parks Facebook page. You must include the place where the photo (must be a Washtenaw County Park or Preserve) was taken to be considered for prizes.

In order to have your photo considered for the 31-Day Challenge the photo please include your name, email and park/preserve or facility you visited, so we can contact you in case you are a winner. By submitting your photo to the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission page you understand that any pictures taken of you or your family may be used for future promotion, or may be displayed on Facebook.

Questions? Contact Hannah Cooley, [email protected] or (734) 971-6337 x 319.

What does "We Rise Up" mean? 

Park and recreation agencies across the country are one of the largest employers 15-21 year old's. This summer, Washtenaw County Parks has employed more than 250 young adults in important positions throughout our parks and facilities. Many of these are starting points for their future careers. For others, it’s their first job.  We are grateful for our young people who say “We Rise Up for Parks and Recreation” by spending their summers working with us and we'll be recognizing their efforts throughout the month of July. Join us and @National Recreation and Park Association in celebrating them for #RiseUpJuly! 

31-Day Challenge Flyer & Calendar