Community Planning Resources

Various community planning resources developed in Washtenaw County. Washtenaw County no longer performs traditional land use planning functions, so please note that these resources will not be updated on a regular basis.

If you are looking for information on:


  • Washtenaw County Comprehensive Plan
    The last master plan adopted by Washtenaw County (Adopted 2004, amended 2006).
  • Regional Planning Groups
    A series of regional planning groups established and operated as collaborations among multiple jurisdictions and regions in Washtenaw County.
    • Chelsea Area Planning Team / Dexter Area Regional Team (CAPT / DART)
    • Milan Organization for Regional Excellence (MORE)
    • Saline Sustainability Circle (SSC)
    • Washtenaw Metro Alliance (WMA)
  • Demographic Information
    Additional information is available through SEMCOG and the United States Census.