Completed Projects

Monument Park

  • City of Dexter
  • Total Investment: $3.5 million (updated 2015)
  • Established Jobs: 100 (updated 2015)
  • Project Details (PDF)
Monument Park aerial image before development
Facade of three story brick building

Toyota Technical Center

  • York Township
  • Total Investment:  $194 million (updated 2015)
  • Established Jobs: 800 as of 2008, 1200 as of 2015
  • Project Details (PDF)
Undeveloped field
Aerial image after development of Toyota Technical Center

Mack & Mack

Three story building
Upclose image of brick building and glass windows

  • City of Ypsilanti
  • Total Estimated Investment: $3.4 million (updated 2015)
  • Established: 18 (updated 2015)
  • Project Details (PDF)
Older one story brick building
After image of one story brick building

Maple Shoppes

Maple Shoppes before development
Aldi food market

Automotive Components Holdings

Automotive Component sign


Digital rendering of high rise building
High rise building with cars parked out front


Lafontaine plans
Chevrolet dealership

Dexter Wellness Center

Aerial image of undeveloped area
Porte cochere of wellness center

Zingerman's Redevelopment

Cardboard model of Zingermans Revelopment
Image of completed street with enlivened buildings

Arbor Hills Crossing

Multi story white building with fence
Lululemon store with trees out front

618 South Main

Digital rendering of 618 South Main Street
Multistory brick building

Mellencamp Building

Mellencamp building in dilapidated state
Two story strip of building

Jiffy Warehouse (140 Buchanan)

Brick one story Jiffy warehouse
White one story Jiffy warehouse