Flu in Washtenaw County

Flu Activity

November 23rd, 2022:

  • October generally marks the start of influenza season. Our influenza season started on September 25, 2022. Influenza case counts will be updated weekly on Wednesdays. 
  • 127 total influenza cases in Washtenaw County so far this season.
  • Sporadic influenza cases are being reported in Washtenaw County. Most cases reported to date are Influenza A.
  • Lab confirmed Influenza cases have increased from 39 cases for the week ending on 11/12/2022 to 79 cases for the week ending on 11/19/2022.
  •  Hospitalizations from Influenza have increased from 0 cases for the week ending on 11/12/2022 to 4 cases for the week ending on 11/19/2022.  

Flu Information

Influenza-Associated Hospitalizations & Deaths in Washtenaw County Residents: 2022-2023 Season*

*Flu season starting September 25, 2022
Hospitalizations for
week ending on November 19th
adult deaths
child deaths

Influenza Activity for Current Season

Hovering over points in the graphs below will show the count or rate. These data are preliminary and will be updated as more information is received.

*Lab-Confirmed influenza cases include rapid and PCR tests reported to MDSS

Influenza Activity in Previous Years

Additional Information

For reports of influenza activity in Washtenaw County before 2017, please visit the page containing flu activity reports from previous years