WHP Member Information

Enrollment in Washtenaw Health Plan (WHP), Plan B is now open. For more information, call WHP at 734-544-3030.

Washtenaw Health Plan (WHP)

WHP is a health coverage program for low-income Washtenaw County residents who don't have access to affordable health insurance. WHP helps people get the health care services they need. WHP is NOT insurance so enrollment is only for those that would not be subjected to a tax penalty under the Affordable Care Act or for special situations.

Please see our Guide to Free and Low Cost Health Coverage (PDF) for information about other resources for the uninsured in Washtenaw County.

WHP Member Information

The Washtenaw Health Plan provides medically necessary health coverage and limited prescription coverage for members enrolled in WHP Plan B.

Services for WHP Plan B include:

  • Doctor/Clinic visits
  • Outpatient lab and x-ray tests
  • Prescriptions if on the list of covered drugs
  • Limited mental health services
  • Hospitalization at the University of Michigan Hospital or St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Washtenaw County
  • ER visits for true emergencies

Free Membership

There is no cost for WHP membership.


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WHP Plan B
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More Information

For more information about WHP Plan B: