Washtenaw Health Project (WHP)


We have a new name and website! Washtenaw Health Project is the new name of the organization providing the Washtenaw Health Plan.

To reflect that we provide several services to help Washtenaw County access affordable healthcare, we are now called Washtenaw Health Project. The Washtenaw Health Plan continues as a program provided by Washtenaw Health Project, with no change to eligibility, enrollment or services. Go to the new Washtenaw Health Project website: https://washtenawhealthproject.org/

Who we are

Washtenaw Health Project is a non-profit organization in partnership with the Washtenaw County Health Department and local healthcare providers to provide near-universal access to healthcare coverage for people living in Washtenaw County. We help anyone living or receiving services in Washtenaw County access care, which includes help with health coverage questions, signing up for coverage, making coverage decisions, and assisting with doctor visits, prescriptions, medical equipment, and medical bills. We want everyone in Washtenaw County to be able to access the care they need.

The Washtenaw Health Project began in 2002 as a partnership between the Washtenaw County government, the Washtenaw County Health Department, Michigan Medicine, Trinity Health Ann Arbor, and other health providers as a safety-net program called the Washtenaw Health Plan to help low-income, uninsured people receive medical care without going into bankruptcy. Today, the Washtenaw Health Plan helps 3,000 of our neighbors every year, and our services have expanded to help people make health coverage decisions no matter their income. Together with our partners, Washtenaw Health Project helps ensure that every member of our community has the coverage and care they need to thrive.

What we do

The Washtenaw Health Project works to expand access to healthcare services.

  • We help people access health insurance, through Medicaid and Marketplace enrollments
  • We run a safety net healthcare program, the Washtenaw Health Plan
  • We connect people to health-promoting services 
  • We educate people on how to access and use their healthcare
  • We participate in the Washtenaw/Livingston State Innovation Model project
  • We work closely with the Washtenaw County Health Department, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and community-based organizations on access to care issues. We partner with the Washtenaw County government, Washtenaw County Health Department, Trinity Health Ann Arbor, Michigan Medicine, local health care providers, and community organizations to lower the barriers to routine, preventative, and life-saving care.

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Need Health Coverage?

Washtenaw Health Project staff are here to help.

Call for a health care coverage checkup, ask a question, apply for Medicaid or Marketplace insurance or just chat about health care options. Please visit or contact us and we can help you.