Continuum of Care Board Members


  • Currently / Formerly Homeless Representatives
    • Jennifer Monahan, WISD
  • Homeless or Housing Program Representatives
    • Dan Kelly, Director, Shelter Association of Washtenaw County
    • Jan Little, Director, Michigan Ability Partners
  • At-Large Representatives
    • Tish Lee, Legal Services of South Central Michigan
    • Aubrey Patino, Avalon Housing
  • Faith Community Representative
    • Jim Mogensen, Board Member, Religious Action for Affordable Housing
  • Private Funder Representative
    • Jillian Rosen, Vice President for Community Investment,  Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
  • Housing Commission Representatives
    • Jennifer Hall, Director, Ann Arbor Housing Commission
    • Zachary Fosler, Director, Ypsilanti Housing Commission
  • Veterans Administration Representative
    • Gabriel Parra, Coordinator- Health Care for Homeless Veterans, Veterans Administration of Ann Arbor
  • Washtenaw County Board Chair or Designee
    • Greg Dill,  County Administrator, Washtenaw County -or-
    • Andrew LaBarre, Commissioner, Washtenaw County
  • City of Ann Arbor Mayor or Designee
    • John Hieftje, former Mayor of Ann Arbor
  • Ann Arbor City Police Chief or Designee
    • Jason Forsberg, Deputy Chief, Ann Arbor Police Department
  • Washtenaw County Sheriff or Designee
    • Kathy Wyatt, Executive Assistant to the Sheriff, Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office
  • Ypsilanti City Police Chief or Designee
    • Vacant
  • Washtenaw Housing Alliance Board Members
    • Amanda Carlisle, Director, Washtenaw Housing Alliance
    • Rhonda Weathers, Director, SOS Community Services
    • Vacant
  • Washtenaw County Public Health Director or Designee
    • Ruth Kraut, Deputy Health Officer, Washtenaw County Public Health
  • Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development Director or Designee
    • Morghan Boydston, Human Services Manage
  • Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Director or Designee
    • Katie Hoener or Melissa Tasker, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director or Designee
    • Renee Adorjan, Director, or Alice Seipelt, Community Coordinator, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services - Washtenaw County
  • Another Township or City Highest Elected Official or Designee
    • Renee Smith, City of Ypsilanti
  • Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency Director or Designee
    • Nicole Adelman, Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan
  • McKinney-Vento Liaison Representative
    • Kellie Rutledge, Director, or Pam Cornell-Allen, Associate Director, Ozone House
  • Workforce Development Representative
    • Johnny Epps, Michigan Works! South East
  • Domestic Violence Provider Representative
    • Kim Montgomery, Services Director, SAFEHouse Center

Leadership of the Board

The CoC Board Executive Committee is composed of two co-chairs and a secretary of the CoC Board, in conjunction with board members who serve as chairs on CoC committees. The Executive Committee provides leadership for the Board and presides over meetings, plans discussion and actions items, and engages in other activities relevant to its purpose, charge, and powers.

 Current members serving include:

  • Amanda Carlisle, Committee Chair, Washtenaw Housing Alliance Operations Committee
  • Dan Kelly, Board Secretary
  • John Hieftje, Board Co-Chairperson
  • Renee Smith, Board Co-Chairperson

Membership of the Board

The Washtenaw County CoC Board is the lead decision-making body of the Washtenaw County Continuum of Care comprised of up to 25 member representatives. Agencies and community representatives have been selected to form a robust group of mainstream service providers whose agencies impact and are impacted by homelessness, those with access to critical resources, and those who bring homelessness and housing expertise. This Board make-up will provide the CoC with the guidance and influence needed to effectively implement policies, strategies and activities toward ending homelessness. For more information, see CoC Board Selection.


  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings and contribute to informed dialogue on actions the group undertakes
  • Serve on at least one committee of the Washtenaw County CoC Board
  • Provide overall direction and leadership of the CoC process
  • Provide strategic planning, goal-setting, and formal decision making on behalf of the CoC
  • Establish, monitor, and evaluate system and program outcomes for evaluation purposes
  • Establish priorities for and making decisions about the allocation of CoC resources
  • Receive reports and recommendations from sub-committees and task groups
  • Establish sub-committees and task groups as needed to perform CoC functions
  • Provide official communications from the CoC, including advocacy and public education efforts