Children's Services

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Family of youth: Family visits are now permitted in person, via phone, or zoom meetings.

Professional visitors: Professional visits are now permitted in person, via phone, or zoom meetings.

Programming: Outside programming may take place virtually and/or in person.

Health Screening and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
Facility Staff and visitors: All staff and professional visitors will be screened with health questions prior to entry to the facility. Anyone answering “yes” to the following screening questions will not be permitted to enter the facility:

  1. Do you have a fever/chills?
  2. Do you have a cough?
  3. Do you have shortness of breath?
  4. Do you have fatigue?
  5. Do you have muscle or body aches?
  6. Do you have a headache?
  7. Do you have new loss of taste or smell?
  8. Do you have a sore throat?
  9. Are you experiencing congestion or a runny nose?
  10. Are you experiencing nausea or vomiting?
  11. Do you have diarrhea?

Additionally, all staff and visitors entering the facility will be required to wear masks. Additional PPE will also be provided for various different applications, these additional items include face shields, gloves, and protective gowns. 

The Washtenaw County Children’s Services Department is comprised of the following programs:

About Us

The Washtenaw County Youth Center provides temporary custody and care for juveniles in a safe and secure setting. Youth in Detention are placed pre-adjudication, awaiting a judge’s determination of whether or not a delinquent offense has been committed. Youth placed in the True North Recovery Residential Substance Abuse program are placed post-adjudication to complete a substance abuse treatment program. The Youth Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days per year.

Our Mission

Provide safe, secure, care and custody for young people that is of exceptional quality in all domains.

Our Vision

A community that is safe, healthy, and just, where all can thrive.

Our Core Values

We Believe:

  • In the dignity and worth of ALL people, and that diversity enriches Children's Services Buildinglife.
  • In redemption, recovery, and relentless hope.
  • In equitable access to resources and opportunities for all people.
  • That relationships are our most important tool.
  • That education is a right, not a privilege.
  • That people are more important than things

Safe Place, Safe Space

All youth shall be protected from discrimination based on race, national origin, color, creed, age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, height, weight, physical handicap, and political and/or religious beliefs. All youth shall not be restricted from access to programs and activities based on these protected characteristics. All youth shall be assured that seeking judicial relief will not be met with reprisal or penalty. All youth have the right to legal representation.


  • Medical and Dental Services on site, including medication management.
  • On site psychiatrist provided by Community Mental Health.
  • Group and individual counseling including suicide screening and crisis intervention.
  • Year-round accredited school programming provided by Washtenaw Intermediate School District.
  • Trauma responsive care and environment.
  • Food service planned according to USDA guidelines for Child Nutrition Programs.


  • Volunteer Application: To apply for volunteer work you must already be associated with an affiliated Youth Center program.