Radon Mitigation


If your home is found to have an elevated radon level, radon mitigation contractors can help you fix the problem. To find a radon mitigation service provider in your area, visit:

Subslab Depressurization

If your home has only slightly elevated radon levels, activities such as sealing cracks in your basement or foundation may be able to lower the radon levels in your home. However, the best method of reducing radon levels involves installing a vent pipe through your home to vent the radon to the outside. This procedure is referred to as "subslab depressurization." Typically, a hole is drilled through the basement floor (or a sump pit is used), and a PVC pipe is placed in the hole and routed to the outside. A fan is then attached to the pipe to create suction to draw the radon into the pipe, rather than allowing it to creep into the home.

A gauge is placed on the pipe to indicate that it is creating suction. A similar technique is used in homes with a crawl space. In addition to the vent pipe, a layer of plastic is placed on the floor of the crawl space and sealed around the edges to create a vapor barrier. The typical cost of a having a radon mitigation system installed in Washtenaw County is $1,000.

Radon Mitigation Techniques Video