Member Requirements

All requirements must be completed and turned in before becoming a member. Please email Amanda Ng all completed items. If emailing the documents is a barrier please contact Amanda for alternatives.  

  1. Online Orientation  
    The orientation includes an intro to the MRC and reviews all of the following membership requirements. Print your quiz results upon passing and send a copy to verify completion of this step.
  2. Membership Handbook 
    Read the membership handbook (PDF). Print, sign, and turn in the 3 included forms to complete this step.
  3. Registration Form
    Print, complete, and turn in all pages of the registration form (PDF).
  4. MI Volunteer Registry 
    Register online (if you are a Michigan resident). This site is used to notify, screen, and inform individuals in the event of a natural or public health emergency.
  5. Introduction to the Incident Command System Course
    Complete the Introduction to the Incident Command System Course (IS-100.c). Take the exam and turn in a copy of your certificate.
  6. Family Preparedness Plan
    Complete a family preparedness plan. We do NOT need to see your plan. Send an email stating your plan is complete to verify this step. The resources below can be used in creating your plan: 

Program Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Have a valid license or photo I.D. (U.S. citizenship is not required).
  • Remain free of felony and/or serious misdemeanor convictions.
  • Consent to a background check and a professional license and credential check. License numbers must be provided for verification if applicable, current licensure is not required.

Drills, Volunteer Activities & Trainings

To maintain membership all members are encouraged to participate in drills, volunteer activities, and trainings. Some may be required.