Volunteer in an Emergency

Want To Help In An Emergency? Everyone has something to offer.

Washtenaw County Medical Reserve Corps

Our volunteer corps is called the Washtenaw County Medical Reserve Corps.

If an emergency situation in our county occurred, volunteers would be needed to supplement existing community resources. Organizations that serve to protect the health and safety of Washtenaw County residents and respond to emergencies would likely be unable to keep up with the demand for services.

Medical Reserve Corps Washtena County

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By becoming a member you are agreeing to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

  • Members will be offered training and education events. 
  • Members with medical training can treat patients if hospitals are overwhelmed, providing flu shots, medical treatment, and first aid.
  • Members without medical training can provide logistical information such as triage, directions; help set up clinics; and communicate with partner organizations.

We need you! With your help, we’ll be ready. Join today.

More Information

Email Amanda Ng if you have any questions.