Volunteer in an Emergency

Looking to volunteer at COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics? Join the MRC!

Washtenaw County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The Washtenaw County Medical Reserve Corps is for medical and non-medical volunteers. Volunteers are needed to work in-person at vaccination clinics. 

Medical Reserve Corps Washtena County

NEW: The MRC requirements are being updated. Please wait to apply.

We are updating the MRC requirements and other volunteer options. If you are interested in joining the MRC but haven't started completing the requirements please wait till Monday February 1, 2021 to begin applying.

Note: We are receiving a high volume of applicants and questions. Please be patient and see the FAQs (toward the bottom of the page) if you have general questions.

Join Today

During an emergency situation, volunteers are needed to supplement existing community resources. Organizations that serve to protect the health and safety of Washtenaw County residents and respond to emergencies would likely be unable to keep up with the demand for services.

By becoming a member you are agreeing to be contacted in the event of an emergency. 

  • Members will be offered training and education events. 
  • Members with medical training can treat patients if hospitals are overwhelmed, providing flu shots, medical treatment, and first aid.
  • Members without medical training can provide logistical information such as triage, directions; help set up clinics; and communicate with partner organizations.

Washtenaw County MRC Membership Requirements

FAQ’s about the MRC and Vaccination Clinics

  • Time Requirements: There is no minimum time commitment. We are looking for people that would be available regularly, to help in-person at the clinics over the next several months. This could be 1-2 times a week or 1-2 a month.
  • Non-medical Volunteers: The MRC is for medical and non-medical volunteers. Non-medical volunteers will help with things like clinic flow, and traffic control. 
  • Clinic times/Availability: Right now, we are asking volunteers to work full days. Clinics are weekdays and generally 9-5pm. We may add evenings, weekends, and shorter shifts in the future but that is not offered right now. 
  • Vaccine Eligibility: We are asking MRC members to commit to volunteering at two (2) clinics to be eligible for vaccination. The first vaccine dose would be given during the first volunteer shift. Vaccination is not required. 
  • When will I be able to help? We are currently receiving a lot of applications and questions. It will take some time to process the applications and return questions. Please be patient.