School & Skill Building


The school participants attend a year-round, on-site, fully accredited educational program staffed by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD). Classes include core academics following the Michigan curriculum guidelines, physical education, and academic work geared to the participant’s specific learning needs. The program also offers GED study if it is appropriate for an individual student.


All teachers are special education certified and there is a full-time WISD school social worker on staff. Juvenile Drug Court participants earn high school credits while attending the school program and those credits fully transfer back to the participant’s home school. 

Aftercare Phase

Participants are supported in their transition back to their home school during the Aftercare Phase of the program so that they can continue to be successful.

Skill Building

In addition to substance abuse treatment, and academic studies, competency development activities and skill building groups are facilitated at least twice weekly. Competency development activities include, but are not limited to, volunteer projects in our community, and trips to museums and sporting events. 

Skills building groups include, but are not limited to anger management, victim awareness and developing and maintaining healthy relationships.