Parents / guardians and other household members are critical to the rehabilitation of youth and their successful completion of the Washtenaw County Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) program. Parents / Guardians are required to attend the JDC orientation with their child, and to attend court status review hearings, parent meetings, and family treatment sessions as indicated by each phase of the program.

Parent Participation

While the program may be flexible to accommodate families’ particular needs, parents and other household members are also required to submit to drug testing as requested by treatment or probation staff. Household members are not permitted to use drugs or alcohol or maintain them in their homes during the program. Because all families have different strengths and challenges, household members may be required to attend other evaluations or treatment programs.


The Court will enforce the legal obligation of parents to participate in the Juvenile Drug Court and, if needed, will use any necessary sanctions to enforce that participation. In addition to fully participating themselves, it is important that parents / guardians support the Drug Court by requiring their child to comply with the court and the rules of the program.