Encuesta Buenos Vecinos (Latino Health Survey)

The Encuesta Buenos Vecinos (EBV), or Good Neighbors Survey, is Washtenaw County's first, comprehensive Latino health survey. It is the result of an innovative, multiyear collaboration with the Latino community.


Enter the Latino Health Survey Database / Entre en el base de datos de la Encuesta Buenos Vecinos

Over 500 Washtenaw County Latinos participated in face-to-face, group and Internet surveys. Data suggest that Washtenaw County Latinos have poorer overall health status, less access to health care and greater overweight rates than Washtenaw County residents as a whole. Compared to Washtenaw County residents, Latinos were more likely to rate their own health as "fair" and, on average, reported a greater number of poor physical health days and poor mental health days per month.

The Community Leadership Team shared results with Latino community members and identified ten priority issues for action:

  • Depression
  • Lack of community organization
  • Lack of parental attention, guidance and involvement
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Low level of education
  • Poor nutritional habits
  • Poor vision and dental care
  • Substance abuse
  • Unintended pregnancy

"[The survey process] allowed us to get closer and get to know a Latino community that is dispersed throughout the Washtenaw County.... We hope that this process will increase the awareness of the community about their own problems and the need to take action," says team member Felipe Riaño.


See the data for yourself in our Encuesta Buenos Vecinos/Latino Health Survey Database.

A report that describes the process, results and future goals of the project is also available in English and Spanish:

  • English (PDF) "Latino Health Equity is Essential for Washtenaw County Health, Well-Being and Prosperity: The Washtenaw County Encuesta Buenos Vecinos Collaboration"
  • Español (PDF) "Equidad en Salud para Latinos es Esencial para la Salud, el Bienestar y la Prosperidad de Condado de Washtenaw: Encuesta Colaborativa Buenos Vecinos del Condado de Washtenaw"

Moving Forward

The Community Leadership Team continues to share results and plan new projects with the message that the Latino community in Washtenaw County is young and growing - and contributing positively to our community as a whole. Greater opportunities and health improvements for Latinos benefit everyone.

Survey findings are fueling new community interventions:

  • The Jovenes Tejejores de Sociedad 3D (Young Weavers Society 3D) is a youth development and leadership program aimed at addressing the barriers that prevent Latino adolescents from graduating high school. Community Leadership Team members initiated the project in partnership with Ypsilanti Community Schools.
  • In addition, the Washtenaw County Health Department is working with Growing Hope, Ypsilanti Community Schools and Washtenaw Community College to bring a farmers' market on wheels to Latino neighborhoods in Washtenaw County.

"As a result of being involved with the EBV, I have gained better understanding of the struggles Latinos face and the opportunities for sharing resources and energies the Latino community brings to our community," says Charo Ledón, co-principal investigator and community advocate.

Muchas Gracias

We are grateful to the Washtenaw County Latino community for its support and participation.

The Community Leadership Team includes:

  • Glenda Flores
  • Charo Ledón
  • Kate Lemler
  • Mikel Llanes
  • Mollison Morgan
  • Felipe Riaño
  • Leonardo Riaño

Organizational partners include Casa Latina, the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Washtenaw County Health Department.

The team looks forward to continuing its work with the community under the motto, "The Future is in our Hands." See what participants had to say about the survey in "The Final Word from our Good Neighbors about the Encuesta Buenos Vecinos."

Additional Information

For more about community health assessment in Washtenaw County see the Health Improvement Plan of Washtenaw County.