Directory of Obesity Prevention Programs

About This Guide

The information in the guide was collected and used in 2013 by the Health Improvement Plan of Washtenaw County (HIP) partners during the development of the 2013 to 2018 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The aim was to create a clearinghouse of obesity prevention programs to help facilitate collaboration, identify gaps, and assist with needs assessment and program planning. Programs presented in this directory include those: focused on obesity prevention (or impact a root cause of obesity), open to the public, and free or scholarships available.

The program indices on pages 3 to 9 are designed to make finding a program easy. You may search for a program by lead organization, age of population served, or geographic area served. Select the title of the program to jump to that program within the guide (PDF).

Additional Information

For additional information, please email Lily Guzmán.