Apportionment Commission


  • Lawrence Kestenbaum (Chairperson), Washtenaw County Clerk / Register of Deeds
  • Catherine McClary, Washtenaw County Treasurer
  • Eli Savit, Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney
  • David Frey (Vice Chairperson), Washtenaw County Republican Party Chair
  • Chris Savage, Washtenaw County Democratic Party Chair

2012-2021 Commissioner Districts

2012-2021 BOC Districts

Timeline for Approval of the 2022 Apportionment Plan

  • June - August, 2021: Organizational meeting and planning discussions
  • September, 2021: Receive official US Census Bureau population data, hold public hearings, draft maps & plans
  • October, 2021: Hold public meetings to consider draft maps & plans
  • By November 15, 2021: Adopt final plan


Meeting NoticeAgendaMeeting RecordingMinutes
June 21, 2021AgendaMeeting RecordingApproved Minutes
July 27, 2021AgendaMeeting RecordingApproved Minutes
August 16, 2021AgendaMeeting RecordingApproved Minutes
August 30, 2021AgendaMeeting RecordingApproved Minutes
September 11, 2021 Public HearingAgendaMeeting RecordingDraft Minutes
September 18, 2021 Public HearingAgenda

September 27, 2021 Public Hearing

Public Input

The Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission is currently seeking input regarding the number of County Commissioner districts and location of district boundaries to be incorporated into the 2022 Apportionment Plan. This plan will become effective for 10 years beginning in 2022.  There are several ways to provide input:

  • Attend an upcoming virtual Public Hearing
  • Submit written comments & attachments using the Commission's online Public Input form
  • Submit written comments & attachments by mail or in-person to: Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission, c/o Washtenaw County Clerk - Elections Division, 200 N. Main Street, Suite 120, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Submit written comments by fax to (734) 222-6528

US Census Data and Apportionment Resources

Raw census data to be used for re-apportionment is available at this link. Data will be available in an easier-to-use format in mid-September.


About the Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission

Per Michigan Compiled Laws 46.401 and 46.401, the Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission must meet "within 60 days after the publication of the latest United States official decennial census figures... [to] apportion the county into not less than 5 nor more than [21] county commissioner districts as nearly of equal population as is practicable..."