Family Preparedness

Your Emergency Services Division is working closely with all levels of government and with several non-profit agencies to be ready in the event of any serious impact on the health, safety and welfare of the community. Still, it is extremely important to take responsibility for the safety of your family and to prepare for all emergencies. All families should be prepared to sustain themselves for a minimum of a full 72 hours for any community emergency that may happen such as a major winter storm or an outbreak of tornadoes.


Here are suggestions to help your family prepare for any disaster:

  • Download our Community Emergency Preparedness Workbook and Guidelines (PDF). This brochure is full of information about our risks, what supplies you should keep stocked in your home, and how to develop a disaster plan for your family. Hard copies of this brochure are also available by calling us at 734-222-3911.
  • Have a portable, battery powered AM/FM radio, flashlight, and plenty of spare batteries. Know your local Emergency Alert System broadcast stations. In Washtenaw County, they are WEMU at 89.1 FM, WWWW at 102.9 FM, WQKL at 107.1 FM, WTKA at 1050 AM and WLBY at 1290 AM. Always depend on these local stations to provide you with real-time emergency information for the Washtenaw County community. Metro Detroit broadcasters are not required to provide, and often don't provide, emergency information for Washtenaw County residents.
  • If having electric power is extremely important to you, consider having a qualified electrician install an emergency power generator before a disaster strikes. Finding and installing a generator during an emergency is difficult and it can be extremely dangerous.

Additional Information

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