Time of Sale Program (TOS)

The "Time of Sale" program is a regulation that requires residential on-site well and septic systems to be inspected before a home can be sold in Washtenaw County. Homeowners interested in selling their home hire an inspector certified by Washtenaw County to do the inspection.

Since approvals are valid for one year, we strongly recommend that the well and septic inspection is completed BEFORE the home is listed for sale!

List of Washtenaw County Certified Time of Sale Inspectors (PDF)

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Recommendations for a Smooth Process

  • Have the inspection conducted prior to, or at the time of, listing the property for sale. This will help avoid any delays in property closing and will also provide lead time to take corrective actions should they be necessary.
  • Do not involve two inspectors or get "second opinion" inspections. These lead to lengthy delays and confused buyers.
  • Call our office if there are questions from either the purchaser or the seller. We are able to explain the requirements of the program in a non-biased manner, which can help with the sale of the home.
  • If any repairs or replacement work is needed, competitive bidding should occur after any required permit is issued.