Soil Evaluation Results

Results of the soil evaluation generally fall into one of three categories: Approval, Denial, and Further Evaluation Needed.


The site is approved for construction of a sewage system. The Sanitarian will either provide you with written notification on site indicating the property is approved, or you will be mailed written notification within a few days. Once your site is approved, you may apply for your permits.

  • Tank-First Areas: For sites where the water table or topography are of concern, it may be necessary to have the septic tanks installed before you can be issued a sewage permit. This process will ensure that the sewage system is installed in a manner that will minimize soil grading costs, as well as eliminate the need for a sewage pump.
  • Well First Areas: Some areas of Washtenaw County have experienced difficulty in finding safe and dependable well water supplies. In these areas, you must receive a well permit and have the well installed and approved before your sewage permit will be issued. The purpose is to ensure that an acceptable water supply can be obtained before developing a property.
  • Parcel Splits: In instances where the property is to be split, surveying test pit locations may be required prior to receiving written approval. When five or more parcels are proposed, and each is less than five acres, additional requirements apply. In this case, it is advisable to contact your area Sanitarian prior to starting your project.


The site is not approved for an on-site sewage system. If your site is not approved, the Sanitarian will discuss with you what options exist for your site. You will also receive a written copy of a denial letter in the mail within a few days. The denial letter will list your options based on your site conditions. Please review the denial letter and keep it for further reference.

Further Evaluation Needed

An approval area could not be located within the time constraints of the evaluation. Contact the Environmental Health office at 734-222-3800 to make a follow-up appointment. Depending on the circumstances, an additional application and fee may be required.