Junior Police Academy

The Junior Police Academy is designed to provide an opportunity for law enforcement officers and middle school age students to work together in a fun, creative, and interactive way over the summer. A three-week program, it works to introduce young people to law enforcement in the hope that they will consider a career in public safety, or have an appreciation and respect for the role that police play in our communities. 

The program provides a forum in which Deputies and our young cadets can interact that isn’t related to enforcement, but is focused on building trusting relationships. Cadets complete an application and are selected from a pool of nearly 50 students. Some express an interest in law enforcement as a career, some are just curious, and others are simply interested in engaging in fun and safe summer activities. The program is facilitated by Deputies who teach cadets all about crime scene investigations, traffic stops, and our various divisions and units within the Sheriff’s Office.

If you would like to learn more about the Junior Police Academy contact Lt. Flores.