Permit Information

A permit is a license which grants legal permission to start construction of a building project. Before any construction or remodeling work begins, application for a permit must be made.

Permitting Reminders

  • Street Address must be visible from the road. If not posted and visible the inspection will be canceled and the permit holder will have to reschedule and a re-inspection fee may be assessed. Please post street address and numbers clearly, preferably at least 6 inch characters.
  • Building plans and truss drawings are required on site and available at time of inspection, including at time of footing inspection.
  • Data, Voice and Communication wiring is required to be permitted and inspected. If the wiring is concealed in any manner it will require a Rough Inspection along with a Final Inspection.
  • Inspectors will not be expected to access unsafe sites i.e. ramps, walkways, guards, approved ladders/steps for elevated floors from incomplete grade or crawl spaces, etc.
  • In the winter months ensure snow does not impede access, if it is not clear where the walkway is, it may result in a canceled inspection and a re-inspection fee may be assessed.
  • Reminder - winter time placement of concrete requires protection. Minimum width of concrete footings is 12 inches per MRC 403.1.

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