Permit Inspections

Typical inspections include:

  • Well Inspection: Well inspections are conducted during the sewage inspections. No specific appointments are needed for the well permit.
  • Excavation Inspection: An excavation inspection is required on all drainfields. Call Washtenaw County Environmental Health at 734-222-3800 when the excavation is ready. The Sanitarian must inspect the excavation before you place any sand fill or stone in the drainfield. This inspection ensures that the size and location of the drainfield are appropriate, and ensures that suitable soil conditions are available.
  • Final Inspection: After the field is constructed, the tanks are installed, and before covering any portion of the system, call Washtenaw County Environmental Health. All completed sewage systems must be inspected and approved by Washtenaw County Environmental Health.
  • Final Grading Inspection: Following final inspection, it may be necessary to conduct a final grading inspection, which determines whether there is proper cover over the septic tanks and drainfield, and that surface water is directed away from the installation.
  • Special Inspections: These include tank first, pump system, low flow fixture inspections, and others. See your conditions sheet to determine if these are needed.

The outcomes of the inspections generally result in a phone call from the Sanitarian, and/or the issuance of a tag:

  • White Tag: Approval of specified inspection. You may proceed to the next step.
  • Blue Tag: Additional information is needed to determine the outcome of the inspection, which may involve consultation with the excavating contractor or Environmental Health staff. A blue tag may or may not result in an additional inspection and/or fee.
  • Red Tag: The system is not properly constructed, or the permit conditions were not followed. The system is not approved until corrections have been made and it is re-inspected. A re-inspection fee will be assessed.
  • Green Tag: Final approval of the system is granted.