Community Education Series

Just ‘Cause sessions are intimate discussions between the community and Deputies over lunch. ENPACT work shops are solution focused, all day working sessions between 30 community members and 30 officers. Town Hall Sessions gather several hundred residents in a discussion with community leaders. Our Educational Series is focused on providing detail about the most commonly questioned aspects of our beliefs about law enforcement. 

Facilitated/instructed by Sheriff Clayton and members of the Sheriff’s Office, it consists of a 40 minute classroom-style discussion of various topic areas followed by a question and answer period. Some of our previous session topics and the documentation for each are listed below. 

Many of these sessions were lived streamed via Facebook Live and videos of those sessions can be found by visiting our Facebook page. 

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

  • Topic area 9 - Criminal Elements of the Ethnic Intimidation Statute (Hate Crimes)
  • Topic area 10 - Responding to Allegations of Discrimination
  • Topic area 11 - Helping our Children and Adolescents Navigate an Intimidating Climate
  • Session 5 Agenda and Handout
  • Session 5 Presentation

Additional Topic Areas Covered

  • Immigration Enforcement
  • Body Warn Cameras
  • Managing Mental Health Crisis