Sheriffs Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) and the Michigan Sheriff's Association (MSA) are pleased to introduce the STOPPED program.

On Your Mark

Parents voluntarily register with the Michigan Sheriff's Association any motor vehicle that will be operated by a driver under the age of 21.

Get Set

An identification decal is issued by the Michigan Sheriff's Association and should be affixed to the front windshield of each registered vehicle.


If for any reason, the registered vehicle is stopped by the WCSO while a person under the age of 21 is driving, the officer will complete a notification card that provides the following information:

  • Time and location of stop
  • Drivers name and the number of passengers in vehicle
  • Reason for the stop
  • Whether any citations were issued

The notification will then be mailed directly to the parents in order to make them aware of potential problems as well as enable them to enforce parental rules that often co-exist with teenage driving privileges.

Sign Up

Sign up on the Michigan Sheriff's website.