Letter From Sheriff Jerry Clayton

Letter From Sheriff Jerry Clayton

Dear Community Partner:

As a principal officer for the Michigan court system, the Sheriff's Office executes the orders, judgments and civil process of the courts, including the seizure and sale of property to enforce judgments. We emphasize professional and timely service. Our standard not only requires the provision of excellent service, but that those we serve are treated with dignity and respect.

Our Civil Bureau staff brings over 170 years of combined law enforcement and public service experience to the civil process field. Special Deputy Sheriffs who serve in the Civil Bureau are well-versed in civil process statutes and rules, court services and documents. They know the local courts and communities, and they bring with them the larger support of the Office.

Again, please keep in mind that our Civil Bureau not only handles general civil process, but also Washtenaw County foreclosure sales and adjournments and property seizure executions. If you have any questions regarding our civil process services, please don't hesitate to call the Civil Bureau at 734-973-4937, or email Michael Giannotti.

We look forward to serving you.


Jerry L. Clayton