Emergency Telephone District Board

Regular Meetings

10:00 a.m.

Saline Police Department
100 N Harris
Saline, MI 48176


  • Joel Allen - Michigan State Police
  • Michael Armitage - City of Milan
  • Shannon Beeman - Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
  • Jerry Clayton - Washtenaw County Sheriff
  • Michael Cox - City of Ann Arbor Chief of Police
  • Tony DeGiusti - City of Ypsilanti
  • Gregory Dill - Washtenaw County Administrator
  • Jason Forsberg - City of Ann Arbor (Alternate)
  • David Halteman - Washtenaw County Emergency Services Director
  • Larry Hrinik - City of Saline
  • Andy LaBarre - Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
  • Jason Maciejewski - Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
  • Aimee Metzer - City of Ann Arbor (Alternate)
  • Courtney Nicholls - Village of Dexter
  • Harley Rider - Michigan Township Association
  • Ron Smith - Michigan Township Association
  • Brenda Stumbo - Michigan Township Association
  • Ed Toth - City of Chelsea 
  • Jeff Wallace - Village of Manchester

Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Committee

This committee is comprised of representatives from each agency within Washtenaw County that is a primary answering point for E-9-1-1 calls. This group has also joined forces, combining with the 800MHz Working Subcommittee. The joint committee does most of the technical problem solving, with technical and administrative support from the Enhanced 9-1-1 Coordinator (Emergency Services Director) and staff. View the Enhanced E 911 Plan (PDF).

Emergency Telephone District Board (ETDB)

This board is the governing body created by the board of commissioners of the county or counties with authority over an emergency telephone district as prescribed by the county or counties that created the board. The Emergency Telephone District Board is staffed by the Emergency Services Division on a cost recovery basis, and to be comprised of the Sheriff of the County, a representative of the Michigan State Police appointed by the Director of the Michigan State Police, plus elected officers and/or chief administrative officers in the following distribution: three township representatives to be appointed by the Township Association; one representative from Manchester Village; one representative each from the Cities of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Chelsea, Dexter, and Milan; and three Washtenaw County Government representatives appointed by the Board of Commissioners; and the E-9-1-1 Coordinator. The ETDB schedules meetings when the PSAP Subcommittee has agenda items that require Board action. The Chair of the ETDB will request a meeting date and notice of the meeting will be posted on the County’s Event Calendar.

24-Hour Technical Troubleshooting

Your Emergency Services Division staff are on call 24-hours a day to assist local public safety dispatch centers with the troubleshooting of 9-1-1 and 800MHz radio communications problems. Here’s one example of an after hours call out for a 9-1-1 telephone system failure. When a contractor carelessly back hoed into a 9-1-1 trunk cable between Manchester Village and the Ann Arbor main office, he temporarily disabled the 9-1-1 telephone service in the entire community. Emergency Services Division staff assisted with locating the break, provided for backup 9-1-1 service, and kept the public informed through local radio broadcasts. Crews worked through the night to restore service, which was fully repaired by morning. The moral of the story is: If you are going to dig, CALL MISS DIG at 800-482-7171!

Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)

The MSAG is created and maintained from information provided by the PSAP Coordinators. This information must agree with telephone company customer records, and service order systems. The MSAG files contain street names, address ranges, community names, telephone exchange, and ESN’s, (Emergency Service Numbers) for each jurisdictional area within the County. This data base is used to cross-reference an incoming E9-1-1 call and provide dispatchers with the correct response information for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. Your Emergency Services Division staff is involved daily with updating the database for accuracy and correcting reported errors.

Test Your Phone for Enhanced 911 Services

If you live in Washtenaw County and you would like to test your phone for E9-1-1 services, please send your name, address, phone number, and the Township in which you live to this email address. We would be happy to contact you and schedule a test of your home or business phone.

Additional Information

View more information about the Emergency Telephone District Board.