Food Service Plan Review

If you are opening a new food service establishment or remodeling an existing food service establishment, you must go through the Food Service Plan Review Process. See the Plan Review Process Flowchart (PDF).

Items Required for Food Service Plan Review

  1. Plan Review Application and Fee
  2. Plan Review Worksheet 
    • The Plan Review Manual provides helpful information and instructions on how to complete the Worksheet.
  3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • You must complete Standard Operating Procedures for each item that applies to your establishment. Use the SOP Template (see page 3) or supply your own equivalent procedures. SOPs help our staff understand how you will safely handle food. SOPs can also be used to help train your employees in safe food handling procedures.
  4. Menu
    • Submit your proposed menu. Remember to include a Consumer Advisory if you are serving any raw or undercooked meats, seafood or eggs.
  5. Complete Set of Plans
    • Architects/engineers can use this formula spreadsheet for help in determining required refrigerator storage space, dry storage space, and ventilation.
    • Plans must include, at a minimum:
      • Proposed layout, with equipment identified (label sinks and prep tables with their intended use)
      • Mechanical plan (make-up air systems, air balance schedule and cooking ventilation systems, including hood, duct and exhaust fans)
      • Plumbing (hand sinks, food preparation sink, dish washing sinks and machines, water supply piping, hot water equipment, sewer drains, grease traps, and floor sinks)
      • Construction materials of such items as custom cabinets and any other built-in items
      • Interior room finish schedules
      • Lighting plan, indicating which lights are shielded
      • Site plan, including details of outside garbage storage area and containers, exterior storage areas, and on-site water well and sewage disposal system information when applicable.
  6. Equipment Specifications
    • Include manufacturer's specifications for each piece of equipment.
    • Minimum information for each piece of equipment must include the following (the manufacturer's specification or "cut" sheet typically provides most of this information):
      • Type
      • Manufacturer
      • Model Number
      • Dimensions
    • Indicate how equipment will be installed (i.e. on legs or wheels, fixed or flexible utility connections)
    • Indicate which equipment is new
    • Indicate which equipment is used
    • Indicate which equipment has third party certification (e.g. NSF or UL)
    • Include any available cleaning and maintenance instructions for food processing, cutting and grinding equipment
  7. Building Permits (if required by your local building authority)
    • Include copies of all permits issued by the local building authority.
    • Your local building authority must approve all ventilation hood exhaust systems.
    • Your local building authority must issue a Certificate of Occupancy and/or final mechanical inspection before the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division will grant final approval.
  8. Food Service License Application and Fee (for new food service establishments only)

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