Building Inspection


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Beginning Thursday, June 18, 2020 through June 30, 2020 our offices will have reduced hours to the public. We will be open from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm in order to allow staff to deal with the backlog accumulated during the time our offices were closed.

This may be extended. The website will be updated accordingly.

We have a white drop box at the front of our building at 705 N Zeeb Rd. We would encourage you to use that if possible to lessen the amount of contact for yourself and our staff. If you have all of the appropriate documentation you can drop your application packet in the drop box and it will be processed in a timely manner. You can also drop payments for re-inspections, additional fees, etc. in the box. Please make sure to reference your property address or permit number to ensure correct payment posting.

If you need to pick up your permits you can contact staff at 734-222-3900 and make arrangements to pay by credit card or deposit a check in the drop box and they can prepare your copies and leave them in the lobby for you to pick up.


Inspection requests will be taken using the normal methods by calling 734-222-3900 or using the automated system at 734-222-3720.

Inspection time frames will be handled as usual by calling inspection staff between 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 am. Here are the inspectors’ direct phone numbers:

John Hamlin - Building - (734) 222-6814

Lance Mitchell - Building - (734) 222-3887

Don Schnettler - Electrical - (734) 222-3982

Don Ratliff - Plumbing/Mechanical - (734) 222-3898

Inspectors will be wearing face coverings and observing social distancing so we will expect the same courtesy upon entering structures for inspections. Contractors/homeowners on site for inspections will be expected to be wearing face coverings.

***We are now the enforcing agency for Sharon Township effective June 15, 2019-See "PERMIT REQUIREMENTS" for our application process***

Washtenaw County Building Inspection provides enforcement of the State Construction Code to ensure the minimum safety standards of building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems to protect residential and commercial building users.


Washtenaw County Building Inspection covers these jurisdictions:

Please call 734-222-3900 for questions and assistance with permits and inspections.

Outside of Jurisdiction

We do not cover these jurisdictions:

Please contact the local municipality for more information.

Inspection Requests

Call 734-222-3720 to request an inspection. Automated system available 24 hours a day so you can schedule inspections and check inspection results when it's convenient for you!


Visit our eConnect website for permits.