Temporary Food Establishment Licenses

Temporary Food Establishment

A "Temporary Food Establishment" means a food establishment which operates at a fixed location for a temporary period not to exceed 14 consecutive days. Examples include:

  • A food booth at a fair, football game, etc.
  • A restaurant preparing food offsite
  • A private organization serving food to the public
  • A rental hall
  • A catering kitchen
Temporary Food Booth

Important considerations to ensure a safe event include planning your menu, estimating the number of meals you anticipate serving, as well as checking the projected weather forecast if you will be cooking or serving foods outdoors. Food safety begins when you purchase your supplies and does not end until your event concludes. No home prepared foods are allowed at temporary food events.

More Information

If you are wondering whether or not a temporary food license is required for your event, please call Washtenaw County Environmental Health at 734-222-3800.