Video Visitation

What is Video Visitation?

  • Video Visitation is a fully automated inmate visitation system at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.
  • Inmates visit with family and friends through a video terminal similar to a web cam and computer.
  • Visitors are able to schedule visits online through any web connection. However, actual visits take place at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.
  • Visiting hours are more flexible than traditional visiting.

Video Visitation Details

Please read the full list of Video Visitation details prior to scheduling or attending your visit.

  • Family and friends coordinate to decide who will visit for the inmates weekly visit.
  • One person must register online with the visitation system in order to schedule visits. You can not schedule a visit until you register with the system.
  • For persons without Internet access, computers are available to complete this process in the public lobby of the Sheriff's Office.
  • Once registered, the person wishing to visit will be allowed to schedule the weekly visit during any available period identified during the scheduling process. The person scheduling must include all those who will be attending the weekly visit, as those not listed will not be allowed to visit. Remember, once this visit is scheduled, no one else will be able to schedule another visit for that week.
  • Once your visit is scheduled please report to the Sheriff's Office lobby 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled visiting time. Please check in with the Visitation Officer.
  • If an email is provided at registration, you will be notified of cancellations via email.
  • After your visit, you may use the equipment in the lobby to schedule your visit for the next week.