Inmate Property Release

Kites cannot be sent to the visiting officer for inmate property releases. Inmates may send a kite to the ITR at any time to advise ITR property staff of the person who will pick up their property.

A valid ID is required for all property releases.

Property Release Times

As long as the inmate has given permission, via kite, for someone to pick up their property, property releases are done 24/7.

Releasable Items

All of the inmate's personal property not in their immediate possession must be released. The only exception is one complete set of clothes to dress in upon release from the facility may be retained.

Approved Property

Approved property items can be dropped off at the Video Visitation Center during the inmate's scheduled visit.

Approved property includes:

  • Appropriate Court Clothing
  • Prescription Eyewear such as eyeglasses (sunglasses are not authorized)
  • Contacts
  • Saline Solutions (sealed vials/bottles)

Accepted Upon Approval

Medications, prescriptions and medical equipment will be accepted based upon approval of jail medical staff.

Inmate Transfers

  • When an inmate is transferred to prison their property will be boxed up and held for 14 days from time of sentencing.
  • Any prisoner who is transferred to prison may designate up to two persons to collect their belongings from the jail before it is destroyed.
  • All unclaimed property will be destroyed 14 days after the inmate is sentenced to prison or boot-camp.