Referral Process

There are multiple ways for an inmate to be referred for an initial mental health evaluation, which is used to help determine if the inmate meets criteria for psychiatric services.

GAINS Screening

Every inmate booked into the jail is assessed with the GAINS Brief Jail Screen. This screening is from the Center for Mental Health Services: National GAINS Center. "The CMHS National GAINS Center has operated since 1995 as a national locus for the collection ad dissemination of information about effective mental health and substance abuse services for people with co-occurring disorders in contact with the justice system." If an inmate screens positive for mental health problems they are then further evaluated from JPORT staff within a 14 day time span; however, inmates are seen well before the 14 day mark. Inmates who meet criteria for psychiatric services are scheduled for an appointment.

Personally Request

Inmates are also welcomed to personally request to be screened for psychiatric services by "kitting" Correctional Services. Inmates who ask to be seen psychiatrically are assessed and then presented to the Mental Health Team who determines if they meet criteria for psychiatric care.

Upon Incarceration

Jail Staff and outside referrals for inmates in need of mental health services maybe made anytime the inmate is incarcerated. Correctional Services Staff can be reached about any inmate who appears to need mental health attention and he or she will be seen by the Mental Health Specialist for care.