Substance Abuse Programming

Dawn Farms (Community Corrections)

Dawn Farms is a substance abuse class designed for participants to understand the 1st step in the 12 traditions to recovery. It is considered a best practice class and is accredited by (C.A.R.F.). Participants are asked to prepare brief write-ups on moments in their lives in which they lost control over drugs and/or alcohol. these stories are openly shared in class and discussions on how participants relate to each other is encouraged. Lectures and didactic components are added to help participants understand addiction and how to move into the recovery process.

Duration / Frequency of Class

  • 4 weeks
  • 3 times a week.

Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous (AA & NA Community Volunteers)

The AA and NA programming are conducted by active AA an NA members who seek to help alcohol and drug addicts in jail to learn about sobriety and how to live a clean lifestyle. Group facilitators work out of the AA/NA literature to structure the group process and teach members about powerlessness and helplessness over their addictions.

Duration / Frequency of Class

  • Weekly meetings available at different times and days