Provided Services

Proof of Incarceration Letters

A proof of incarceration is a letter verifying that an inmate is currently incarcerated at the Washtenaw County jail. This letter is provided to an inmate at an inmate's request only via a "kite" to Correctional Services. This letter cannot be requested through a family member or acquaintance.

Clearance Application

This form is provided to volunteers (Religious, AA/NA or Class Facilitators), Professional Visitors, Contractual Personnel and for Intern's that need physical access into the jail facility to meet with clients or facilitate classes for the inmates. All professional visitors, with the exception of attorneys, must receive prior approval to enter the facility. This form is available for printing under the "How Do I?" section of the main page or by clicking the link below:

Clearance Application 

Emergency Assistance & Crisis Counseling

This service is provided on request basis only. The Mental Health Specialist provides generalized counseling, which includes crisis management (i.e., grief and loss), adjustment to the jail issues, mental health screening, behavioral management issues, and case management/discharge planning. When master's level social work or counseling interns are available, they are trained to work with the jail population to provide counseling under the supervision of the Correctional Services Program Supervisor.

Diversion to Substance Abuse Treatment

An inmate can be assisted with placement into a substance abuse treatment program outside the facility in lieu of jail time only if the inmate is ordered by the court. If it is not stipulated by the court, then an inmate must have his/her attorney file a motion to the court to be released to treatment.

Notary Services

The jail has two notary agents available to assist inmates who are currently incarcerated and in need of notary services. If an inmate needs a document notarized, the inmate can make this request by submitting a kite to Correctional Services. Or, if a family member has a document that needs to be signed and notarized by an inmate, the family member can contact Correctional Services for assistance.

Jail Case Management

  • Address for court
  • Diversion needs
  • Jail programming
  • Discharge planning

Friend of the Court (FOC) Modification Forms

This form is provided to inmates by request if they are currently making child support payments through Friend of the Court and need to request a stop payment while in jail.

Vehicle Release Letters

If an inmate has a vehicle in impound that needs to be released to the care of someone outside the facility, such as a trusted family member or friend, a vehicle release letter can be provided to that person if approved by the inmate. You may contact Correctional Services to make arrangements.

Temporary Guardianship of Minor Children Letter

A temporary Guardianship form helps an inmate give consent to the caregiver of their minor child(ren) to provide temporary care for them while the parent is serving time in our facility.

Emergency Phone Use

Inmates are given one free call after the booking process. After that, they are able to make collect calls once family members set up an account through SECURUS Technologies by calling 800-844-6591, or by visiting their website. If an inmate is unable to reach family because there is a collect call block on the phone, then an inmate and his/her family may utilize the U.S. mail service by writing or scheduling a visit on the inmates visiting day. However, if an inmate believes he/she has an emergency, they may make a request by kite to Correctional Services to be determined. Emergency calls are done case by case basis and non emergency phone requests are not allowed. Although many calls may be important, they may not be considered emergencies.