Local Administrative Orders



Effective Date:

2021-04JPlan to Return to Full Capacity:  Return to Phase Two04/07/2021
2021-03JParameters for Conducting In-Person Jury Proceedings during COVID-1903/31/2021
2021-02JPlan to Return to Full Capacity:  Return to Phase Three03/12/2021
2021-01JCase Assignment01/01/2021
2020-19JRequests for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities12/29/2020
2020-18JCourt Closure - December 23, 202012/1/2020
2020-16J2021 Holiday Schedule11/24/2020
2020-14JPlan to Return to Full Capacity:  Return to Phase Two10/26/2020
2020-13JEstablishing Parameters for Jury Proceedings during COVID-19 Pandemic10/14/2020
Establishment of a Hybrid DWI/Drug Treatment Court
2020-11JPlan to Return to Full Capacity:  Return to Phase Three08/10/2020
2020-10JAccess, Inspection, Reproduction and Creation of Court Records08/10/2020
2020-04PAuthority For Probate Register to Perform Judicial Acts
2020-03JWashtenaw County Trial Court Closure for Public Health Emergency03/16/2020
2020-01JRequests for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities03/09/2020
Friend of the Court Alternative Dispute Resolution
2019-13J2020 Holiday Schedule11/15/2019
2019-10JCase Assignment07/29/2019
2019-07JEstablishment of Washtenaw County Trial Court Security Committee06/01/2019
2019-03JAttorney Appointment Procedure04/10/2019
2019-02JBusiness Court04/08/2019
Order for the Establishment of a Judicial Availability Plan
2018-01JAlternative Dispute Resolution Plan06/12/2018
2017-04MAACS Regional Pilot Project06/16/2017
2017-03JSocial Security # Redaction04/17/2017
2016-07JBusiness Hours and Hours of Operation for WCTC03/14/2016
2015-10JDowntown Courthouse Security Policy01/01/2016
2015-08JPlan for the Operation of the Washtenaw County Trial Court Family Division11/06/2015
2015-06JFamily Division Juvenile Attorney Appointment Procedure11/01/2015
2015-03JCaseflow Management Plan09/10/2015
2014-01JVeteran’s Treatment Court05/19/2014
2013-05JLanguage Access Plan01/07/2014
2009-04JJuvenile Drug Court06/01/2009
2008-04PPlan for appointment of Counsel for Indigent Parties in Probate Court12/18/2008
2007-11JFOC Referee In Pro Per Hearings LAO05/30/2007
2007-04JSelecting Case Evaluators and Case Evaluation Panels
2004-03Remote Hearings on Support, Parenting Time Enforcement and Bench Warrants04/19/2004
2004-02DConcurrent Jurisdiction Plan02/05/2004
2004-02DConcurrent Jurisdiction LAO cover02/05/2004
2003-08DTransfer of Bank Accounts Funds to MiSDU08/01/2003
2003-03DAppellate Counsel Appointment Juvenile Center04/01/2003
2003-02DPlan for Children Absent Without Legal Permission02/27/2003
2002-12DCase Evaluation Committee Terms of Service and Appointments12/31/2002
2002-09DPreliminary Examination Transcript Preparation and Filing12/01/2002
2001-04DWaiver of Traffic Civil Infractions Where Defendant is a Juvenile04/16/2001