Law & the Schools

One of the goals of the Washtenaw County Trial Court is “To respond to the needs of the community by offering information and education regarding the Trial Court, its processes and its benefits to the community."

Tours & Visitation

The Washtenaw County Trial Court (WCTC) is available for courthouse tours on an appointment basis. Teachers and students can visit courtrooms, speak with judges, attorneys and court administration personnel, and possibly view actual trials (if available) in groups. In addition, judges and court staff can be requested to speak to students either at the school or at one of the courthouses.

The Trial Court hopes local educators will consider including a judicial visit or other court related activity in their curriculum and we look forward to providing this educational opportunity.

Additional Information

The Educational Liaison for the Trial Court is located in the administration office. To arrange any of the educational opportunities listed above, or to offer suggestions and ideas for future educational programs, email the educational liaison in Trial Court Administration.