Jury Online Response & Reporting Schedule

Juror Web Response Questionnaire Link

Please click on the link above to complete your juror questionnaire online. You will need your juror service number located on your postcard.  When you enter your date of birth, please include the slashes between month year and date as show here:  xx/xx/xxxx

Jury Reporting Schedule- 22nd Circuit Court ONLY

Summoned jurors should check this web page the weekend before their service date to find out which juror groups are to report on the designated date.

Report Day:Report Date/Time:Juror Groups to Report:
MondayAugust 13, 2018 at 8:15 a.m.Unless you have heard from the jury clerks office in regards to being deferred or excused, we need jurors in pool numbers 1-150
 to report on Monday 8/13/18.
Jurors in Pool numbers
do NOT need to report and your service is complete.
Thank you.

Attention:  There are two reporting locations. Please check your summons postcard for the correct location. This information can be found on the back of the postcard under your reporting date as shown below.

Jury Postcard - BackBefore Coming to Court

  • For parking information, please see Jury Service General Information.
  • The Washtenaw County Courthouse is a secured facility.
  • Cell Phones / Laptops Prohibited
    Cell phones and laptops with a built-in camera and / or recording device are prohibited from the courthouse. Cell phones and laptops without a camera feature and without a recording device are allowed into the facility. Use of permitted cell phones and laptops is prohibited in the courtrooms and hearing rooms.
  • Please also do not bring the following items with you to Jury Duty:
    • Hair and mace spray
    • Knitting and / or crocheting needles
    • Nail files
    • Pepper sprays
    • Scissors

      Any item that could be used as a weapon will be confiscated and a voucher issued, regardless of the size, at the discretion of the Security Screening Personnel. Any other items not allowed through security may be taken back to your vehicle or placed in the public lockers for $0.50. Select the link for more information about court security.
  • Go to the Jury Assembly Room on the second floor, room 2116 for check-in.
  • Please report promptly at the designated location.
  • If your number is not among those to report, your service is complete.

Additional Information

For more information regarding jury service, see Jury Service General Information and/or the Juror Handbook.