Juror Postponement / Excusal


If unavailable on the date scheduled due to an extreme hardship, a juror may request one postponement by telephoning the Jury Office at 734-222-3354 at least two weeks before the service date listed on the summons. Generally, one postponement is granted without question.


If physically or mentally unable to carry out the functions of a juror, the juror must provide a signed doctor statement declaring the nature and duration of the condition causing the juror to be excused from jury duty. Once received by the Court via fax 734-222-3084 or mail it will be sent to the Judge for final determination. Generally, exemptions are not granted.


If special accommodations are required to assist a juror in serving, please contact the Jury Office with an explanation of the accommodations which would be necessary, and notify the Court 2 weeks before the service date on the summons so that arrangements can be made.

Additional Information

For more information regarding jury service, see Jury Service General Information and / or the Juror Handbook.