Juror Handbook

The Importance of Jury Service

Jury trials have been an important part of the American legal system for over two centuries. They are an integral part of the laws that protect the fundamental rights of all citizens. As intended by the United States Constitution, the impartial and random selection of jurors is performed without regard to race, sex, occupation, education, or economic level, and is done to assemble a representative cross-section of the County’s populations.

Jury duty is an important and rewarding service that you are summoned to provide by the court for your county. Through your service, the people of Washtenaw County participate directly in the administration of justice.

Length of Duty

You are required to serve on one trial. If you are not selected to serve on a trial the day(s) you report, or asked to return the next day for ongoing selection, you are done. If you are selected to serve on a trial, you must complete that trial. A trial may last a few days or several days, depending on the nature of the case. You should make no personal plans for the two-week period after you report.


In accordance with State Law, you will be compensated at the rate of $24.00 for the first half day of service and $39.00 for the first full day of jury service. Subsequent days (if any) will be compensated at a rate of $32.00 for half-days and $54.00 for full-days. Payment includes mileage and is provided in cash at the time of jury service. 

If required by your employer, the signed receipt for your payment can serve as an attendance statement.  

Final Note

The jury is a critical element in our system of justice. You should be proud of your service as a juror. Your presence in the panel is necessary, regardless of whether you are selected to serve on a case. The court and the litigants appreciate your service.

Trial Court Judges

The current Trial Court Judges are listed on our website.