Community Corrections

Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Community Corrections provides State Public Act 511 (PA511) and locally funded jail and prison diversion programs and sanctioning options for eligible persons at all stages of the criminal justice process.

Our role is to reduce the potential to re-offend and to support the safe and appropriate reintegration of offenders into our communities. A collaborative, community-based initiative, we emphasize comprehensive, integrated programs and services that act as an integral part of the Sheriff's Office mission of creating public safety, providing quality service and building strong and sustainable communities.

About Us

OurComm Corr Staff programs are designed to link with one another to provide graduated increases or decreases in the level of treatment or control provided to an offender in the community. Here you can find more information on the various programs:

Community Corrections Act

In 1988, the Michigan Legislature enacted Public Act 511 (PA511 of 1988), the "Community Corrections Act", in response to prison and jail crowding. The act provides for local advisory boards to design, implement and evaluate community-based corrections programs for eligible offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated in state prisons or local jails.


Funding for Community Corrections is provided, in large part, by an annual grant from the Office of Community Corrections, State Department of Corrections, based upon a comprehensive plan detailing local trends and needs. Local county funds are also used to support Community Corrections operations and programs.

The Act

  • Stipulates that the advisory board responsible for the plan include policy makers and key representatives from the criminal justice system, human services network, and the community at large.
  • Requires annual approval of the plan by the legislative arm of the sponsoring communities.

Additional Information

Visit this link for more information on the History of Community Corrections (MCL ACT 511) in Michigan.