Jury trials have been an important part of the American legal system for over two centuries. They are an integral part of the laws that protect the fundamental rights of all citizens. As intended by the United States Constitution, the impartial and random selection of jurors is performed without regard to race, sex, occupation, education, or economic level, and is done to assemble a representative cross-section of the County’s populations.

Jury duty is an important and rewarding service that you are summoned to provide by the court for your county. Through your service, the people of Washtenaw County participate directly in the administration of justice.


On occasion, our court receives a report of a resident being contacted by a telephone scam where the caller claims to be from Washtenaw County Trial Court and requests money to be wired. Please know that the Washtenaw County Trial Court will not notify jurors by telephone regarding a failure to appear, nor will we ever ask a juror to wire money.

More About Jury Duty

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