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Information for Schools, Preschools, & Childcare Centers

The Michigan Public Health Code requires schools, preschools and childcare centers to report student immunization levels and communicable illnesses to their local public health department. Requirements apply to both public and private schools and childcare settings.

Immunization reporting utilizes the Michigan Care Improvement Registry/Schools Immunization Reporting System (MCIR/SIRS). Communicable disease reporting can be completed using email or fax. The information and forms are provided in the links below.

MCIR / SIRS Information for Reporting Personnel - Fall 2022

These pages contain information for immunization and disease reporting personnel:

Communicable Disease Reporting

Schools and childcare settings are required to report positive COVID-19 cases (as well as other communicable diseases) to us. Please use these forms to report COVID-19, influenza-like illness, Noro-like illness, and Chickenpox:

  • Use this form for weekly reporting: This form should be submitted every Friday by 5pm. 
  • Use this form for outbreak reporting: This form should be used anytime camps/schools are aware of an outbreak that exceeds 20% of a particular group (e.g., a classroom).

If you have even a single case of a different communicable disease to report (e.g., measles, pertussis) please call our main number at 734-544-6700. These require immediate reporting.

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