Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccine is your best protection against the flu.

Everyone 6 months and older needs a flu vaccine each year. Flu vaccine is especially important during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread flu vaccination will reduce the spread of flu and prevent serious illness as much as possible. 

Some people can develop serious and potentially life threatening complications from the flu. It's very important that people who are more likely to experience serious complications from the flu get their vaccine, including:

  • Seniors
  • People with chronic health problems
  • Pregnant people
  • Young children

Protect yourself and your community by making a plan to get your flu vaccine today! If you have insurance, flu vaccine is available for no-cost at many pharmacies and health care providers. If you don't have insurance, see below for some no-cost options from community partners and the Health Department.

How to get your flu vaccine

Flu vaccine FAQ's

  • Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as my flu vaccine? Yes! Flu and COVID-19 vaccines can be given at the same time.
  • When is the best time to get a flu vaccine? Anytime during September or October is a good time to get your flu vaccine. Ideally, everyone should be vaccinated by the end of October. Remember, after you are vaccinated, your body takes about two weeks to develop antibodies that protect against flu.

Is Flu Circulating in Washtenaw County Now?


Getting a flu shot is quick and safe! Check out our Health Officer, Jimena Loveluck, getting her flu shot:.