Alternative Dispute Resolution

In 2001 the Washtenaw County Trial Court, at the direction of the Michigan Supreme Court, instituted an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Plan.

There are two components to the ADR Plan:

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution - Civil Mediation
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution - Domestic Mediation


The purpose of the ADR Plan is to have several avenues for civil and domestic cases to be resolved before trial. After case evaluation for civil cases, and on all domestic matters, the trial judge may determine that further Alternative Dispute Resolution is appropriate.

Approved Mediators

An Approved Mediator List is maintained by the Supervisor of the Central Assignment office. (ADR Clerk) This list is available for review at each judge’s office, or the Central Assignment / ADR office located at the Washtenaw County Courthouse.

Parties work together to chose their mediator. They have access to the Approved Mediator list, but they may use someone not on the list if they choose. However, should the parties find that they are unable to agree on a mediator, one will be appointed to them from the approved list by the ADR Clerk.

About Our Mediators

As part of the application process, mediators are required to attend specialized training. They must also observe and conduct mediations with trained mediators. If all qualifications are met, the names are then added to the Approved Mediator Lists. The ADR application review process is done twice per year.