Wills for Safekeeping

Depositing a Will

A Will may be deposited for safekeeping at the court at the request of the Testator. The Will must be deposited in a sealed envelope with the following information on the outside of the envelope:

  • Complete Address
  • Full Name
  • Social Security Number

Only Wills from Washtenaw County residents may be filed with the Washtenaw County Probate Court. A $25 filing fee is required to deposit a Will for safekeeping.

All Wills held for safekeeping are stored on court premises and can only be retrieved and opened at the request of the Testator or by the Testator’s attorney with proof of authorization.

After the Testator’s Death

A Will held for safekeeping will be opened in the courtroom upon publication of an obituary or other death notice. The opened Will is assigned a case number and is held by the Court as a public record. If an estate is filed, the will is incorporated into the estate file. Copies of the will can be obtained by anyone upon request for a standard copy fee of $1 per page.


All Wills opened by the Court or provided to the Court as part of a decedent’s estate are microfilmed by Court Services.