Hall of Honor

The "Hall of Honor" is an area that memorializes all those who gave their lives, with their stories, pictures, and personal effects. It is a place that those who were left behind can visit and remember their loved one, friend, or co-worker. The Hall of Honor reminds us not only of their sacrifice but also as an acknowledgement of those who served with valor and distinction. We owe it to them to honor the memory of their lives and to validate the purpose of their ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.    

Honor Guards

For members of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, old and new, the five honor guards on watch across from our fallen brothers, symbolizes our need to be ever vigilant to the dangers that may lie ahead and a reminder to never disgrace the uniform. 

Police Officers saluting the Hall of Honor


Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton held a ceremony on May 15th, 2013 where this new “Hall of Honor” was dedicated to the memory of Deputies Harold C. Ewald, Jerry Russo, Leo Borders, and Frank “Butch” Crampton who, displaying courage, dedication and self-sacrifice, died in the line of duty protecting the residents of Washtenaw County. Sheriff Clayton's "Hall of Honor" dedication (PDF) can be viewed online.

“They gave much and asked little. They deserve our remembrance. For as long as these walls stand they will be remembered, not for how they died, but for how they lived.”