"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."  - Albert Einstein

About Peacemaking

Peacemaking is a traditional Native American approach to problem solving that focuses on healing and restoring relationships between parties in disagreement. It aims to improve the traditional courtroom experience in a process whereby everyone is part of a comprehensive solution. Parties meet in a circle with trained peacemakers.

 All members of the circle work together to reach a resolution through a collective process in order to avoid adversarial litigation and further deterioration of the relationship(s) between the parties. Because parties are able to feel heard and gain understanding of one another, relationships can begin to mend and heal. Watch a Peacemaking Video.


Are you interested in participating in Peacemaking? The link below provides a form for you to complete and submit to the Court. Upon receipt of your form, someone from the Court will contact you shortly.

Peacemaking Request Form: Am I a Candidate for Peacemaking? (PDF)

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High School Students conducting a Mock Trial at the Peacemaking Court